• Is Portfolioand.me suitable for me?

    Portfolioand.me is an investment research service which allows to apply fundamental analysis. The tool is designed for both beginners and skilled traders and investors. It is also suitable for those who don’t know fundamental analysis at all. There are very high chances that you will find the tool useful! ;)

  • What are the features of Portfolioand.me?

    With Portfolioand.me you can easily find stocks, analyze company financials, thanks to clear visual aids, and explore other possibilities, based on your preferences. You will compare Apple to Microsoft, Facebook to Twitter and other pairs in our amazing comparison mode feature. You will follow performance of your favorites like Tesla and Google. There are many more awesome features to explore, we have just told you a few of them.

  • What markets are covered by Portfolioand.me?

    Portfolioand.me supports more than 5000 stock tickers that cover approximately 99% of US stock market capitalization. Portfolioand.me also supports ETF tickers that were traded in the US since 2005. Soon more than 20 new markets will be introduced including Asian and European markets.

  • How is Portfolioand.me different from other financial tools?

    Portfolioand.me is a quick and easy-to-use tool that includes Artificial Intelligence module which provides personalized recommendations. It also has an impressive portfolio library with different investment themes.

  • What is the main principle of constructing your portfolio library?

    We have elaborated a comprehensive in-house research to select the most promising long-term investment themes.

  • Is it safe?

    Yes, all the data you provide is completely confidential, we don’t share it with third parties and don’t use it ourselves. Additionally, our website is protected by SSL security certificate.

  • Can Portfolioand.me be used as a trading platform?

    Portfolioand.me is a tool that helps you make right investment decisions, but it cannot be used as a trading platform at the moment.