What is portfolioand.me?
Portfolioand.me Is an analytical platform that uses fundamental analysis to help users make investment decisions. The platform includes two key sections - Portfolio Advisor and Portfolio Builder. Portfolio Advisor is a good fit for those who want to invest in the stock market, but don’t want to put in a lot of time or effort. Portfolio Builder is for investors who are interested in an in-depth understanding of financial tools and analysis.
Ethical investing
Portfolio Advisor presents the user with pre-made portfolios that have high growth potential. These portfolios take into account the ethical principles of companies with the help of Artificial Intelligence and expert research.
Educational materials
Portfolioand.me offers educational materials for users who are new to the stock market, as well as materials for experienced investors.
Knowledge base
Portfolioand.me has aggregated financial data for thousands of companies from all over the world, including the US, Russian Federation and more. The platform also provides access to smart estimates of financial indicators. Portfolioand.me assigns a unique rating score to every security.
Portfolio Tracker
Portfolioand.me has a convenient tool called Portfolio Tracker, which includes a table of portfolio values, as well as detailed portfolio statistics and fundamental analysis indicators.
AIdeas is an Artificial Intelligence module that independently analyzes a user’s portfolio and suggests ways to improve it based on the user’s preferences.
Securities Search
The Securities Search tool lets users quickly select securities that fit specific criteria. Users can set broad criteria (industry or market cap, for example) or narrow criteria (the ratio of debt to capital, for example).
Portfolioand.me allows users to backtest their investment strategies. Our point-in-time database ensures that backtesting results are reliable.
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