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Strategies testing on the historical data with PRO-account

Backtesting is a process of testing of trading srategies on the historical data. Simply put, backtesting is an attempt to understand what financial result would a trading strategy give if implemented some time ago.
How does it work?
The process includes 4 simple steps
1. Primary Stocks Selection

On the first step you can select a region
in wich a strategy should be tested as well as
turnover, sectors and subsectors that you are
interested in
2. Backtesting Period

Our product allows you to choose any period
for backtesting starting from 2006. You should
also choose rebalancing frequency on this step
3. Filters

The most important step! On this step you
can create combinations of hundreds of financial
indicators to screen exactly those stocks that you need
4. Results Analysis

Here is the result! On this step you can
assess profitability of a strategy, its historical
performance, detailed statistics and stocks that
made it to your portfolio
More Opportunities with PRO

We provide not only financial reports data,
but also esimates of financial analysts including
historical estimates
Historical Data

We provide detailed information
about 25000 securities from 22
markets since 2005. All this data is
available in Knowledge Base and Stock
and ETF Screeners
Affordable Price

You can purchase a subscription starting
from $19.99 per month. Discounts for longer
subscription periods